Subject Re: problem with transaction and inserting detail record
Author arenpiotr
> What problem? This is transaction isolation behaving exactly as it
> should. It *would* be a problem if a separate transaction were able
> to insert a detail record whose master record is yet uncommitted.


Yes, this is that case.
User for example:
Bob lock record to edit (id pirmary for example 100)
Difrent User Mark want to inset (to table detail) record with foreign
key 100.

Have You any ideas to solve this situation?

But Main question is solve this problem:
Bob show form and lock record id 100.
If Mark want to edit record id 100 have message "record locked by
Bob, you will show form in preview mode"
This work fine.
But, when Mark want to add to table detail some record have dead lock

and sory for my english :)