Subject Re: Windows Mobile 5.0 Client
Author Javier Soques
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> Hi folks,
> Has anyone tried to connect a Windows Mobile 5.0 client to a Firebird
> server through a wireless network?? Do you had any problem? It's
> reliable? What steps did you take to do it?
> I'll be thankful for any info.

What I have done is I use a Web Service written in ASP.Net that
returns DataSets. I used the conecept of Provider Factory in Ado 2.0,
that way my client app doesn't rely on a specific Provider (Firebird
in this case). All I have to do on the client is call a Web service
function passing a query and a DB alias and gets a DataSet that I can
later save locally as an XML Dataset. Of course there are some
drawbacks to this technique (for example, passing a query string over
the wire, returning Datasets, etc.), but it works for a local intranet.