Subject Re: Superserver 100% cpu FAQ
Author Adam
--- In, "Scott Buckham"
<scott_buckham@...> wrote:
> I am having a problem with the firebird super server which has its
CPU peak
> at 100% for at least 30 seconds. I came across
> which suggests a workable
solution for me
> as the site already does a backup early in the morning whilst not
> The system is also configured to restart Windows (XP) on completion.
> I wanted to know whether restarting the OS (and therefore Firebird)
> have any effect on garbage collection. Also if the site is already
set to
> gbak with garbage collection and the the database is garbage
collecting in
> normal operation, doesn't this suggest that there is enough garbage
> accumulating to need collection (or is the default sweep interval too
> small)?

You may want to take a look at Classic server (especially if you have
multiple cores). Each connection gets its own process, and Windows
will make sure each task gets a fair share of CPU.

Garbage Collection != Sweep.

Your other option would be to restore your backup during the down
time, and work with the fresh database that by definition has no
garbage. (You would need to take precautions to make sure your backup
was successful before deleting the original).