Subject Re: [firebird-support] internal gds consistency...
Author Ann W. Harrison

> I have a database that had some problems. ...I've got Internal gds
> consistency check (can't continue after bugcheck).

The "can't continue after bugcheck" message indicates that there
was an earlier error that may have left the server memory structures
in an inconsistent state, so no further actions can be taken.
> In a server log file I found:
> pointer page vanished from DPM_next (249), file: dpm.cpp line: 1609
> Any idea what to do with this problem?

We used to get that error when a table got to be more than
about 40 GB, because we overflowed the size of the record
number internally. V2.0 uses a larger record number, so
that's not likely to be the cause. How many pointer pages
are there in that table?

Hint. First, find the RDB$RELATION_ID value for the table
with a query like this:

select rdb$relation_id from rdb$relations where
rdb$relation_name = <tablename>

Then find the pointer pages

select count(*) from rdb$pages where
rdb$relation_id = <relation_id> and
rdb$page_types = 4