Subject RE: [firebird-support] Performance Problem
Hi Anderson,

If the problem is with my Java code, then why the difference
occurred between two different configurations.

I'm using simple code, which fetches the data from db and writes into
some file. If it is problem with my code, then why it

is working better in single processor machine.




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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Performance Problem

Hi Rambabu,

Are you sure your performance problems came from FB? Did you debug
your code?

I've deployed 1.5.3 Classic over at leat 3 Windows SMP boxes (with and
without SCSI RAID) and it performs great... from my little experience, a

*lot* better than SuperServer on the very same machines.

BTW, even your best performance, 9 min for 15k rows seems bad. I believe

this should not be more 30 sec (executing the select based on an index,
fetching rows, writing to some text file).


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>4. Modified the sever type to Classic server and started export of
>records on multiprocessor >machine, even then also it took more than 1

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