Subject Re: Open Office and Firebird
Author Adam
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> Open Office (from Sun at supports both ODBC
> and JDBC connections. Does anyone have any experience using either
> type of connection and/or any advice on which would be better?

In terms of a one off import / export of data, or something where you
need to do over and over again so efficiency matters?

I haven't used it with OO, but I have used Firbird + ODBC + Excel to
get data into Excel before which was quite simple. Setup the ODBC
driver, created a DSN. The Excel side was trivial. I imagine a very
similar process from OO.

In terms of using JDBC, well Excel doesn't support it and I already
had the ODBC driver installed for a third party application, so I
never tried it, but you may want to check this link:

It is old (telling you to download FB 1.02 - don't do that), still
looks relevant and simple enough.