Subject Re: List of all tables
Author David Richmond
--- Sasa Mihajlovic wrote:
> I need info where firebird save all names of the user defined tables.

Tables and views are stored in RDB$RELATIONS system table. System
tables have RDB$SYSTEM_FLAG set, while user defined ones have zero or
NULL. You can distinguish views from tables as they have field
RDB$VIEW_BLR set. Please note that there is also a field
RDB$VIEW_SOURCE which stored human-readable view source and can be set
to NULL - database would still be completely functional as it uses
precompiled BLR. Here's query to list all user tables:

select rdb$relation_name
from rdb$relations
where rdb$view_blr is null
and (rdb$system_flag is null or rdb$system_flag = 0);