Subject Re: [firebird-support] Check if an alias is defined
Author Anderson Farias

IMHO aliasing is a server task, I think it exists to help true client/server
setups (not embedded/single local conection ones) on security and easy of
use. It has nothing to do with clients and (again, IMHO) should remain the
way it is.

BTW, if I need to have access to this info from client (app), I'd write a
small service app and install it together with FB server so I could get
these client apps to query it using sockets/tcp -- just another idea


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From: "Stefan Heymann" <lists@...>

> I agree that aliasing is primarily for security. However, it's also
> about simplification. So for setups that do not try to be Fort Knox,
> it could IMHO be allowed to query the aliases or even manage the
> aliases from a remote machine.