Subject Re: [firebird-support] GBAK and the -i flag
Author Tom Miller
Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:
> Tom Miller wrote:
>> Turning off the indexes during restore makes a big difference during
>> restore, but I noticed that the indexes do not get activated after the
>> restore is complete. Is their a simple way to do this (after the
>> restore is complete) from the command line.
>> Thanks
>> Tom Miller
> Well... AFAIK this option does just this, prevent the indices to be
> generated.
> The time to activate them all will be the same if gbak do it. So where
> is the gain ???
> see you !
On a large table (lots of records / rows) the DB has to recalculate the
index on every record.

I did a test on a 3.7 GB database

No -i Flag: 35 minutes
with -i Flag: 24 minutes

Activating the indexes through DB Workbench took about a minute, so that
was 10 minutes faster.

Tom Miller