Subject Re: [firebird-support] Check if an alias is defined
Author eMeL
> Since aliasing is primarily a security measure, it would hardly make
> sense for client applications to be able to query the contents of the
> configuration file!


I was an idea a lot of time ago (and I had send it to this list early):

"What about a new service call for write aliases.conf?

If I create a database I should like register it ;)

(If my program run as a remote client or the logged user have not
enought right to FB directory need some help :)

A new service call can make it ;)

I think it need keep to some rule:

- If this is a new alias name, simple write it
- If this is a existent alias name:
- If it point to same path: do nothing
- If it point to an existent path: return an error
- If it point to a dead (no valid) path: overwrite it

- If path part of new registration no point to a database file: return
an error."

This new service function don't break security measure, but give chance:
if I can create database I can register it!

What a benefit of FB?
We don't need person for admin it!

Why I need write aliases.conf by hand against program code?


Sorry my terrible English. My native language is C++ ;)