Subject Re: [firebird-support] Download FDB source code...
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Hi Nando !

Nando Dessena wrote:
> Alexandre,
> A> I know Interbase precedes Borland, but the first thing it should do
> A> (IMHO) is:
> A> 1.) Fix the Borland compiler to the standards
> Do you know what deficiencies the current C++ compiler has with regard
> to the standards? BTW what standards are you talking about exactly? Or
> are you talking about the freely available C++ compiler?

I am not a C/C++ developer what I am talking about is just from what
I've heard that Borland C++ compiler are not so standard complaint as MS
or GNU one. The other assumption I made (probably wrong) is the fact
that FB code compiles on a diversity of C compilers on different
platforms but Borland compiler is not able to compile it, so I assume
Borland compiler misses something.

But I think a bit strange that a company that develops a C compiler uses
a C compiler from it's rival (on the development tools market) to build
it's own products. As others compilers are able to build Interbase (at
that time) but Borland one could not I could only assume that Borland
compiler has some "flaws"/deficiencies

> A> 2.) Fix IB code to workaround Borland C compilers problem
> I am sure no IB customer would want to see a minute's work spent in
> such things which don't produce bug fixes nor enhancements.

As an Interbase costumer you are absolutely right, but from the Borland
perspective I think this is very important.

As a rude comparison: What about if Microsoft uses Delphi to code Office
? or some other C/C++ compiler besides MSVC++ ?

I as a software developer will not trust so much a compiler if the
developer does not use it for his own tools and uses one from another
company. This sounds clear to me as "Compiler from company B is better
than mine so I don't use mine for my own projects"

> Ciao

It's just a comment, since I don't use Borland C++ compiler I don't care
if it's good or bad, but if I would use it I will think twice choosing
Borland one once I know even Borland don't use it itself. :-)

I am a Delphi developer (or better to say *was* a Delphi developer,
nowadays I don't code that much), I love Pascal and for consequence
Delphi, I wish Borland (now Code Gear) tools the best, I really like it,
but does not prevents me to criticize it :-)

See you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
THOR Software e Comercial Ltda
Santo Andre - Sao Paulo - Brazil