Subject Re: Security in Firebird
Author Adam
--- In, "john_siggy" <jsigoloff@...>
> I have two machines, A and B and both have Firebird Server running on
> them. Can I take a GDB from A and copy it to B and open it with B's
> SYSDBA/password regardless of A's SYSDBA/password ?

Yes. (#1)

Lesson: NEVER store your databases on network shares or in folders
untrusted users have access to.

#1. Caveats: Architecture must be compatible in endian and both
machines must be 32 bit or both machines must be 64 bit). Taking a
file copy of an active database can cause corruption. GDB file
extension should not be used on Windows systems. Machine B will need
to have the same or newer version of Firebird to read the file.