Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Starting Firebird Database -- Issues
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:48 PM 13/08/2007, you wrote:
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> > At 11:28 AM 13/08/2007, you wrote:
> > >Hey Forum :)
> > >Now I'm hoping you can help me here, I have installed firebird from the
> > >RPM package, and am having some trouble getting it going.
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> > >In the documentation it states that it should be running just after the
> > >RPM install has finnished. But from what I can see, its not. And I
> > >connect to it.
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> > Did you install the Classic or Superserver package?
> > What did you try to "connect to it", what did you use, and what were
> > your expectations? You connect to a database....
> >
> > ./heLen
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>Thanks for the reply,
>I installed "FirebirdCS-" so I presume clasic


>I am trying to connect AVG Server to it. I get connection refused.

You're still not telling me anything. What is AVG Server? What you
need is a client application to connect to a database through the server.

>How can i check if it is even running?

With Classic, an instance of the server is created when you make a
successful request to connect to a database. That means, of course,
that you need to have a database. Thus, there is nothing to check
until there is actually a server instance running.

So - to proceed - tell us the name of the database file and where it
is located (its file path on the host machine and whether it is on
the same host machine as the client application).