Subject Re: [firebird-support] Charset recommendation
Author Milan Babuskov
Maximiliano Robaina wrote:
> Is UTF-8 a recommendable charset to store occidental language like
> spanish for example ?

If you plan to use support other (non ISO8859_1) languages as well, then

If not, you should know that ISO or WIN charsets allow longer character
indexes (also meaning longer possible GROUP BY and ORDER BY fields) and
also stored procedure parameters. To make the story short: maximum
number of characters you can store in CHAR/VARCHAR column is bigger.

> I am going to attack a firebird 2.0 database using python languaje,
> which do very intensive use of utf-8 by default.

Well, if you don't have needs for big CHAR(32000) or similar datatypes
(for which you can use BLOBs most of the time), then UTF8 is not a bad
idea. It is definitely simpler to implement if your toolkit already
works with UTF8 interally.

Milan Babuskov