Subject Re: [firebird-support] Performance Issues with Firebird 2.01 64 Bit - Followup information
Author Dalton Calford
Thanks Helen, I will try that in the morning.

I am trying to keep all comparative tests as simple as possible to keep
as close to an apples to apples test as possible.

Overall, from the current tests, FB 2.01 is significantly slower than FB
1.53 on a simple gbak restore.

I will do a series of query tests as well, once I am finished the gbak

best regards


Helen Borrie wrote:
> How about including a test that uses service_mgr?
> gbak -c -se localhost:service_ mgr /path/to/backup. gbak
> /home/fb/restore2. 001 -user SYSDBA -password masterkey -page_size
> 16384 -bu 10000 -v -y restore2.out
> ./heLen
> __