Subject Re: Error
Author Thomas
Hi Eugen,

> internal gds software consistency check(wrong record length 183,
> vio.cpp line 1103)

I've actually just fixed a DB with this error. Depending on how badly
the db is corrupted will depend on how you can recover from this. You
sometimes have luck selecting the records before this and the records
after it. This only works if you've got an Index (even a PK will work)
on the table and you use that index to select the records by. The key
is to avoid reading the corrupted record (once you've figured out which
one it is).

An easier way for me was to compile a version of Firebird with the
BUGCHECK(183) commented out which allowed me to do a select of all the
good records from the table (as well as perform a backup and restore).
I unfortunatly did this with 2.1 but I can send you the FBServer.exe if
you want to give it a bash.

You can sometimes also use IBDBRepair to select all the records that
are not corrupted.

I'm keen to hear if there are any other ways to rectify this.