Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problem in restore on Firebird 2.0
Author Dmitry Yemanov
Jeferson Sisto wrote:
> gbak: restoring column K_UTPDSERIEENT
> gbak: restoring column K_UTPCODIGOENT
> gbak:restoring function RDB$GET_CONTEXT
> gak: ERROR:attempt to store duplicate value (visible to active
> transsactions) in unique index "RDB$INDEX_9"
> gbak:Existing before completion due to errors

Most probably, backup has been done with some early (alpha or beta)
version of v2.0 gbak or with v1.5 gbak. They don't know that UDF can be
system and thus include the RDB$ functions into the backup file.

AFAIK, the recent gbak versions (v2.0.1) should be able to restore such
databases without errors.