Subject Re: restore a remote db
Author Adam
--- In, "Maurizio P." <mauriz_po@...>
> hi ,
> how is it possible to restore a remote database :
> gbak -c -v servername:c:\db\db.fbk c:\db\db.fdb -user SYSDBA -password
> masterkey
> gives me error : cannot open backup file servername:c:\db\db.fbk

This seems a little confused. You are using a database connection
string style on the backup file path. A backup file is like a word
document, mp3, or any other file, and it expects a string that
resembles a file path, not a database connection string.

I am confused about what computer you are running gbak from, what
computer is your database server, and what computer is the backup file
residing on.

Gbak has two modes. It can either work as a standard client (the
method you have used) or it can wrap around the services manager.

I have never tried it, but I don't imagine there would be a problem
with using a UNC path to the fbk file in gbak in the mode you are
using, but the fbk path should be the file path as seen by the
computer running gbak.

The service manager mode changes things slightly, in that the fbk file
path should be the file path as seen by the computer running Firebird.

Presuming your database server is called 'servername', there are cases
where you may need to prepend the 'servername:' to the database
connection string (ie 'servername:c:\db\db.fdb'), for example if you
are using classic server or a terminal services session without the
IPC Name set.

If you clarify which computer is the database server, which computer
is running gbak and on which computer the fbk file resides, then we
can give you the options both using services manager and gbak as a
client app.