Subject Re: [firebird-support] Performance Issues with Firebird 2.01 64 Bit
Author Dmitry Yemanov
Dalton Calford wrote:
> I have even found a number of issues just comparing local connections vs
> remote connections.

What was the difference?

> What I would like to know is if there are any known issues with Firebird
> 2 in regards to performance?

Yes, there are. Some of them are documented in the release notes,
section "known compatibility issues / performance". You could also hit
another optimizer decisions that may be worse in your particular case.
But queries with the same plan shouldn't differ more than by 2-3%.

> I have many examples of performance problems, such as a database that
> Firebird 1.53 32bit, running on a 64 bit Linux kernel, takes 3 hours and
> 18 minutes to restore, via localhost:/path_to_database whereas the exact
> same gbak file, takes 11 hours and 19 minutes to restore with the exact
> same parameters on Firebird 2.01 64 bit.

Very weird. IIRC, nobody reported such a big difference in the restore time.

> Running a variety of queries via isql shows that the 32 bit 1.53 version
> is much faster than the 2.01 64 bit version.

How much is "much"? :-) Did you compare execution plans?