Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird statistics for "DatabaseAccess=None"
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

>>> When I attempt to get database statistics with Database Workbench
>>> (using the IBX Services Components), I get an error.
>> If you're talking about FB 2+ probably IBX Service Components is not a
> good
>> choice for this task. If I recall correctly there's some changes on the
> way
>> "stats service" works on FB 2+ (did you have a look at FB 2+ release
> notes?)
> Well, I have my own slightly modified version of the components, but
> still --
> it works fine on DatabaseAccess=Full and all other services work fine
> on Firebird 2.0 (Users, Validation & Repair, shutting down a database etc).
> So I wonder why Statistics fail.

AFAIK, even gstat uses not a regular database connection, but rather
operates on the database file directly and therefore gstat doesn't
support connection strings with an alias. Perhaps the same might apply
to the Services API as well? Haven't tried it though.

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