Subject Re: Performance lost with lots of connections
Author selensky
> Hmmm, do you update the SAME record from different transactions,
> either directly or indirectly by triggers? If so, do you use WAIT
> transactions?

Yes, it is completely possible that I do update the same records
from different transactions.

Yes, I use WAIT transactions for some queries. This is because if it
waits a little then it clears up by itself, if it throws an error
someone has to try again.

The good question is how much does it wait! Which parameter does
control how much is this timeout? Is it DeadlockTimeout (10 by
default)? Shouldn't I set it to say 1 second?

> exceptions immediately. Obviously, long runnings transactions are
> be avoided where possible, especially those that lock updates on
> records, and really especially those that lock updates on records
> which are frequently updated by other transactions.

Yes, defenitely it is possible for a long running transaction to
lock a record. Still, how does the WAIT work? Does it wait for say
10 seconds, then try again, then wait another 10 seconds and so on
forever? Or does it stop after a certain number of attempts? This is
really important, it may be the reason the entire system sometimes
completely stops :(

Thanks, you are being really helpful!