Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: unsupported on-disk structure for file
Author Anderson Farias
Hi Sean,

Sory, I may have not understand your statement...

I use IBX 7.08 for Delphi 7, this is not the newest version of IBX for D7
but it's one of them. Newer updates after 7.08 until the last 7.11 are only
related to be compatible with new IB 7+ features -- since I don't use IB, I
did not find important to update further.

I use Firebird 1.5 -- but of course, plan to go to FB 2+ in a near future.
So, I've restored my current DB with FB 2.0 and FB 2.1 (beta) for testing --
the result was that my app runs without any problems at all.

The IBX components I use into my app (and then, the ones tested) are:
IBDatabase, IBTransaction, IBQuery and IBSQL.

If this was not what you were asking for, please let me know



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> > There is your problem: IBX
> Not actually.
> I have a full application build with D7 and IBX for Firebird 1.5.

Since you are using a later version of IBX, how can you be sure?