Subject Re: [firebird-support] unsupported on-disk structure for file
Author Martijn Tonies

> > I have been using Firebird (1.5) with a delphi 7 application for
> > years. I am using Interbase Express (IBX 6.5)...
> There is your problem: IBX
> Firebird v2.0 introduced a new mechanism to distinguish between Firebird
> and Interbase databases -- a very high ODS version # (32700+).
> This feature was added since FB and IB databases are no longer
> interchangeable and should not be allowed to be opened by the wrong
> engine.
> Unfortunately, the IBX components have never claimed and never intend to
> support FB. The fact that they did, was considered to be a "fluke".
> You need to investigate another DB component set (IBOjects or FIBPlus
> are very good) to replace your IBX components.

Doesn't this error come from the server? If so, what does IBX have to do
with it? That is: if InterBase doesn't try to use this particular datafile.

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