Subject Re: separate table or separate database
Author Sean
--- In, "Anderson Farias"
<peixedragao@...> wrote:
> |Table ABC with ID, Insert_Time, and some other fields. ID has both
> |ascending and descending index, same for Insert_Time.
> not a problem but -- I donĀ“t think having both desc and asc indices
help on
> anything. Since you are ordering desc, having only a desc index
should be
> enougth.

ID has both ASC and DESC because ASC is default from primary key ID.

> |The optimizer used the same plan:
> To me it seems hard to believe that. Are you sure the optimizer used
> PLAN for query 3??? couse I think it should use the index on
> quite weird.

Does "Order by" always take privilege to use index?

> |I have around 1,7 million records per week, and I need to store up to
> |1 year data.
> so, by looking at your query 1, it seems to me you're fetching as
much as
> 1,7 million records... is that what you need?

Sorry I missed typing "first 1000". I only intend to retrieve first
1000 records at a time.