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> Alan McDonald wrote:
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> >> Aage J.
> >> Not looking forward to creating a new db and pumping data (late
> >> evening or weekend work).
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> > this task isn't onerous with clever components datapump, you just
set it up
> > and let it run.
> The "Interbase Datapump 3.4" is dated November 2002. Will it work
> (flawlessly) with Fb/1.5.4 ?

It did for me. Of course I backed up and restored the destination
database after the pump finished for my own piece of mind.

It does require the metadata to exist, but I imagine a gbak -m (on a
non-corrupted version of the database) should get you what you want.

If possible, have the source and destination files on different
physical disks. Server grade hardware will also really speed it up.

> The time consuming part is building indexes - close to a couple of
> hours is my estimate.

Only you would know that. Maybe you could do a test run first so you
know the amount of anticipated downtime. For example, if you shutdown
the service, took a file copy and restarted the service, you could do
a practice run and then have a good idea at the length of time it
would take.