Subject RE: [firebird-support] Extreme Newb Question: Viewing FDB tables/data... simply?
Author Alan McDonald
> Hello,
> We have software we use to keep a database of customer information and
> transactions. We want a certain amount of information about each
> transaction, which is definitely stored in the database, but the
> software does not support this feature. Essentially, we need customer
> names, dates and transaction amount. Our software does not support
> exporting this information to a usable form for us.
> The software uses a firebird database.
> Is there any way for us to access the information in our database
> outside of the main application that uses it? Can anyone point me in
> the direction of getting this data? I have some experience programming
> with SQL databases, but not a ton.
> Any ideas?

you could get the ODBC driver for a start, then connect using Access if
that's your only tool.
There are better options but this at least tell you if you could understand
the data in it's normalised state enough to proceed.