Subject Re: Frequent database corruption
Author fabrice.aeschbacher
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> > > 4. What is the application interface, and how do clients
> >the
> > > host device?
> >
> >Clients do not access to the database. They access to a service we
> >have written. This is a multithreaded service; one (and only one)
> >thread is connected (only one connection) to the database. We use
> >SQLAPI (from, a set of C++ classes encapsulating
> >firebird API.
> "Clients" doesn't mean "humans", it means application
> I'll ask this question another way. How does your application's
> database thread access the database? i.e., what connection path
> used and how does the program access the server?
> ./heLen

... I see, the confusion comes from the fact that what we
call "client" is the application program which connects to
our "server", which server is in turn a "client" of the firebird

Anyway, the DB thread accesses the database using a local TCP
connection. The connection string is "localhost:cx". The alias 'cx'
is defined as '/data/db/sistore_cx.fdb' in aliases.conf.