Subject Re: Frequent database corruption
Author fabrice.aeschbacher
> More questions:
> 1. Have you downloaded the v.1.5.4 release notes? The Bug Fixes
> chapter has a long list of fixes done since the v.1.5 and 1.5.1

I did.

> 2. If three-year-old Firebird 1.5.1 is causing problems, why
> you keep using it, when there are three later sub-releases?

You are right. We are more and more thinking about using 1.5.4,
perhaps is the solution. Anyway, it is worth trying. But you know,
we have allways been rather conservative with software - we are
still using v0.65 of the busybox for example, and kernel 2.4.21. It
is not just a matter of updating one DB server, but many thousands,
so we need a good raison for this.

> 3. What is the firebird.conf setting for RemoteFileOpenAbility?

#RemoteFileOpenAbility = 0

> 4. What is the application interface, and how do clients access
> host device?

Clients do not access to the database. They access to a service we
have written. This is a multithreaded service; one (and only one)
thread is connected (only one connection) to the database. We use
SQLAPI (from, a set of C++ classes encapsulating the
firebird API.

> 5. Are you using any third-party UDFs?

lpad(), strlen(), substr() from ib_udf

> If yes, are you running any UDFs that make connections to the
> ./heLen