Subject Re: Stripping non numerics from a string column
Author cprund
--- In, Rich Pinder <rpinder@...>
> Jack, being the pragmatic dog I am, my premise are quite flexible
> (and THANKS for the offer - I would love to take you up on it...
> become comfortable with 'installing' UDF, as long as they have the
> associated registration code !!!). This project is indeed on a
> version of FB - and I know the SP way to go would allow the fix in
> Linux OS world.

UDF's work on Linux too, and if you happen to write your UDF's in
Delphi you may easily compile them on Linux with Kylix or FPC. After
all, UDF's are usually very simple code.

And if Pascal doesn't cut it on the Linux side you may allways re-
weite your UDF using plain C. Again, UDF's are realy, realy simple.

Cosmin Prund