Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Frequently corruption in database
Author Ann W. Harrison
mnavahan wrote:
>>> It's possible that an analysis of the state of your
>>> broken database might give someone a clue
> 1.what topic i comment about it to find my problem

You might start by downloading the free version of IBFirstAID.
It's a more comprehensive diagnostic than gfix -validate and
and may provides some hints.
> i also i change online some procedure and define new table when user (3
> to 15 user) connect to my database .can this work do database
> corruption ?

It certainly shouldn't. Changing procedures in a running system
leads to some confusion about what version of the procedure a
user will get, but not corruption.
> also what location can find recommendation hardware spec for my
> database server (20 user and 5gb database size)
> also set configuration of database / and windows version for better
> work with firbird 2.x?

Firebird should run fine on any modern computer under that load.