Subject Re: c# connection string datasource
Author Jeffrey Bradley
if you use backslashes, you have to use double backslashes. However,
if I remember correctly, Microsoft's Visual C# will interpret the
forward slash as a directory delimiter the same as a double backslash.
The reason for the double backslash, is because the backslash is the
escape character for C# (just like C and C++), so you have to use two
of them, and since I am an old C programmer, I usually end up using
double backslashes when I do Window's stuff - but I really prefer
doing GNU/Linux or Unix based coding.


--- In, Florian Hector <FHector@...>
> > the following connection string is returning an error:
> >
> > Database=c:/photography/databaase/c#/rak-photography;
> Should't this be
Database=c:\photography\databaase\c#\rak-photography, backslashes
rather than slashes?
> Florian