Subject Re: [firebird-support] Performancelost after Migration to FB 2
Author Guido Klapperich
Hi Sean,

thanks for the tip, I know about the possibility to create dynamic
Select-Statements in SP. I use it already in time critical SP.

First I want to find out, why FB2 is 2 times slower than FB1.5 for the
same query. I have read so many times, also here in the mailing list,
that FB2 is faster than FB 1.5. Now I want to know, why not in my case.
If I don't find a answer, I have to optimize the query, for example as
you described. But at the moment I don't have the time and money to
alter all or many queries in the DB.
So I prefer to find out, why FB2 doesn't like my queries :-)