Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB2: embedded server as network client not possible
Author Jarrod Hollingworth
Hi Alan,

> >
> > Page: 19, last sentence in the highlighted note section:
> > "In Firebird 2.0, use of the embedded server as a network client is no
> > longer possible."
> Please note it uses the word "accept", not "make".

Sorry, what is 'it'? Do you mean the recent post that I was referring to? If
so then it's not the correct post. There was a simple one-sentence
off-the-cuff comment from someone which mentioned that in FB 2 the embedded
server library can no longer be used as a client to a remote server (or
words to that effect) as the document referenced above clearly states.
Whether or not they are correct is another matter :)

> I think you're confusing the issue of embedded not being able (and never
> was
> able) to connect to a database over the network (i.e. share), and or the
> issue of the the enbedded server not being able to (and never was able) to
> accept client connections from outside the memory workspace in which it is
> operating.

Thanks Alan, though I *am* very aware of the limitations with network
shares, multiple connections, threading, not being able to accept remote
connections, etc. I was just very shocked at the "as a network client is no
longer possible" part.

> It has always been able to make local AND remote connections (and multiple
> ones at that).

Well that's good news! I'll not waste anyone else's time then and try it for
myself in a simple test app.

Jarrod Hollingworth