Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB2: embedded server as network client not possible
Author Jarrod Hollingworth
Hi Helen,

> Could you please provide the exact reference in the Fb 2 release
> notes where this is stated? (chapter, section heading and PDF page)

Sorry, it's in the following:
Page: 19, last sentence in the highlighted note section:
"In Firebird 2.0, use of the embedded server as a network client is no
longer possible."

It's not in the release notes - my mistake. I was reading over the release
notes, QSG etc and mistook this PDF to be the release notes. The above seems
to be the same content as the reference that Dean posted - one is likely
generated from the other.

It was also mentioned once recently on this list (which was what originally
caught my attention and I only found the above today when searching for
specifics to double-check it, so perhaps the person that posted to this list
also got it from one of the above references). I searched for the message
but couldn't find it.


Jarrod Hollingworth