Subject Re: FB2: embedded server as network client not possible
Author Adam
--- In, "Jarrod Hollingworth"
<jarrod@...> wrote:
> I read in the FB 2 release notes:
> "In Firebird 2.0, use of the embedded server as a network client is no
> longer possible."

I haven't heard this, but nor can I find that phrase in the release
notes. I couldn't see it in the 2.0 release notes either.

The 2.0.1 release notes can be found on

On page 114 (p124 in Adobe), it states:

"The embedded server acts as a true local server for a single client
accessing databases on a local machine. It can also act as a remote
gateway that redirects all network calls to other hosts, just as the
regular client library does."

The same sentence can be found in 2.0 release notes.

This seems to be what you are looking for.


Side note to webmaster:
The documentation page does not yet contain a link to the release
notes for 2.0.1.