Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: how to protect DATA
Author eMeL
> Emel, can you tell me how ? and what do i have to
> do to do it ?

I don't search it yet, but I already have read that, IB/FB contain
"something" ;)

For a point to start the hunting:

- in <FB dir>/include/ibase.h you can see a constant for connect:
isc_dpb_encrypt_key, this is to isc_attach_database().

In Firebird source you can find it and see what it do ;)

Maybe a conditional compilation remove it from FB, like other non good
tested feature ?


Sorry my terrible English. My native language is C++ ;)

> >
> > > we think that encrypting (ofuscating) the data is
> > > enought. the problem is how to do it with FB.
> >
> > FB can do it easy ;)
> >
> > When read/write pages from disk, FB can
> > decrypt/encrypt content of each
> > page.