Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB Embed on Windows Vista?
Author Dean Harding
FB embedded works fine on Windows Vista.

The way that "Local Server" mode in IBconsole was implemented meant that it
would not have worked in Windows XP with Fast User Switching (or Windows
2003 in Terminal Server mode) either, so I'm not sure why they haven't fixed
it yet...


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Sent: Thursday, 12 July 2007 3:32 PM
Subject: [firebird-support] FB Embed on Windows Vista?

I was reading a blog today from an Interbase dude, and he writes:

"Due to new process isolation in Windows Vista and the fact services starts
in different session/desktop than users connecting to InterBase as Local
Server in IBConsole and from your applications will not work.

Workaround: Use Remote Server and TCP/IP protocol instead of Local Server.
Connect to or localhost. For you connection string in other
applications use "" infront of the path to your database file."

Then I thought of Firebird. Since we have the wonderful FB Embedded, is
this going to be an issue with running apps that use FB Embedded on Windows
Vista? I haven't tried this out yet, but has anyone encountered any issues


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