Subject RE: [firebird-support] Stored Procedure Join Syntax
Author Lele Gaifax
Il giorno mar, 10/07/2007 alle 17.10 -0400, Leyne, Sean ha scritto:
> > Select fb.*
> > From FooBar fb
> > Left Join FOO(fb.Table2) On 1 = 1
> Although Dmitry is correct, I think you will find this statement will
> execute faster (since you wanted an inner join).
> FB.*
> FROM FOO(fb.Table2)
> JOIN FooBar FB on FB.ID = FOO.ID

Uhm, I'm not able to verify this, as at least on 2.0.1 it raises an
error at "FROM FOO(fb.XXX)", maybe because "fb" isn't yet defined at
that point? Am I missing something?

ciao, lele.