Subject Re: [firebird-support] Testing the Presence of a Server
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Stefan,

>> You can call isc_service_attach() to verify a user name and
>> password. Even if the credentials are wrong, the answer will tell
>> you if there's a Firebird service manager at the other end.

> What versions of Firebird and InterBase would be covered by this
> approach? IB6.0 and up?

The Services API is available in IB6.0 and up, except in Firebird
1.0.x Classic on Linux. So for that one (and for pre-IB6 servers)
you'd have to check if the error message returned is the same as when
there is no Firebird server at all. And if it is, resort to
isc_add_user for those situations. But I wouldn't take the shortcut of
going to isc_add_user straight away; it's deprecated, so it may
disappear at some point in the future.

Good luck,
Paul Vinkenoog