Subject Re: [firebird-support] GSTAT - 'Access to Database is denied by server administrator'
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:59 PM 5/07/2007, you wrote:
>I am running Firebird 2.0 ( in Classic mode on a Windows
>2003 box with the DatabaseAccess = None in the Firbird.conf file.
>When I try to run the gstat -i (index) on any database I get the
>database header information then I am denied any more information:
>Access to Database path_to_the_db/thedb.FDB is denied by server
>administrator. This error occurs with the fully qualified path to the
>db, however when I try the alias that's provided in the Alias.conf
>file, the response states that the database can not be found.
>Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.

In V.2.0.x (unlike V.1.5) the new XNET implementation of the IPC
protocol does allow local access to databases to a local client
connecting to a Classic server. However, on Windows 2003, your
command shell is a remote desktop client.

gstat -h doesn't connect to your database, so as long as your system
user has filesystem access to the database file, it can read the
header - hence, you were able to see the output from that operation.

gstat -i has to connect to the database to query some system
tables. Therefore, supplying only the alias from a remote desktop
client isn't enough to find the *database* (as opposed to a system
user finding the *file*). You need to make a network connection and
provide login credentials.

Provide a network path and the sysdba username and password, e.g., if
the machine's node name is ourServer:

gstat -i ourServer:MyAlias -user sysdba -password xxyyzz99