Subject Re: Query plan insists on NOT USING an index
Author Franz J Fortuny
I mentioned in my previous message that it was a ( BETA
version. But it is the NEW OFFICIAL VERSION! Trouble ahead for
Firebird users!


--- In, "Franz J Fortuny"
<ffortuny@...> wrote:
> The problem isn't over, yet.
> In our development machines (client-servers), where our server has
> version of Firebird, the plan DOES USE the PRIMARY KEY of
> table SUBARTIS (when we use the JOINS first and later the OUTER
> joins), however, our customer has Firebird version, which
> is a newer, BETA version.
> The problem I see here is that more of these problems are coming
> ahead, since the OLDER VERSION (ours, IS now using the
> correct indexes, but the NEWER version IS NOT!
> I suggested that they should download the older version and now they
> can't find it at the download site.
> Does anybody have contact with the developers to report such a
> nuisance? The main thing is the BUG coming in the future version. To
> me, NOT using the correct index if the JOIN is AFTER outer joins, is
> NOT proper functioning. BUT not using the correct index AT ALL (as in
> version IS A BUG!
> Thanks again for all the great help.
> Franz J Fortuny