Subject Re: Basic question on transactions
Author cprund
The level of isolation for an "select" depends on the "transaction
isolation" thingy you can set in various ways, depending on the
component set you're using.

Take a look here:
It's for IBO but you'll understand it, even if you're not using IBO.

Cosmin Prund

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Albuschat" <d.albuschat@...> wrote:
> Hello there,
> I have some rather basic questions about transaction semantics.
> I haven't put much thoughts on this topic, because it basically
> 'just worked' for me, but I'd like to understand how things work
> Imagine the following case:
> Transaction -> Start
> Select -> Execute (four datasets to fetch)
> Select -> Read 2 datasets
> Update -> Update 3rd dataset that is not yet fetched from the Select
> Transaction -> CommitRetaining
> Select -> Read next dataset
> Does select read the updated values for the 3rd dataset?
> It should, imho, since it's the context of the same transaction.
> And how does these kind of scenarious behave with inserts?
> I'm a bit puzzled as to how 'isolated' a select is.
> Regards,
> Daniel Albuschat
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