Subject Re: Store large amount of Binary Data in FB
Author yogiyang007
I will have to learn how to store binary data in BLOB fields. Coz this
is for the first time in my career that I have come across such a
requirement of storing binary data to database.

Thanks for suggestion. I will try as you advise.

--- In, Milan Babuskov <milanb@...>
> yogiyang007 wrote:
> > I have come to the conclusion that I will create a separate table for
> > storing all images so if anything does go wrong the precious data is
> > not affected. I am also thinking of converting/encode each document
> > to Base64 and store in FB. Hope this approach will not have any
> > problems?
> If will increase the size a lot without any benefit. I recommend you
> binary blob (subtype 0) and write the data as-is.
> --
> Milan Babuskov