Subject Re: export data from database
Author Milan Babuskov
--- houzvicka_jan wrote:
> Firebird 2.0 on Windows2003 server and on Debian Linux.
> In tables of database I have BLOBs (especialy text BLOBs).
> I need export all data from database (with blobs) for import data to
> other database.

You can use open source FBExport tool which works on both Windows and
Linux. Version 1.67 was released just yesterday:

If those two servers are online (i.e. visible on the network to each
other) perhaps it's faster to pump the data. You can use FBCopy for
that (also free and works on both Windows and Linux).

If you have some questions or problems with these tools, feel free to
contact me directly.

Milan Babuskov