Subject Re: [firebird-support] aliases.conf not read?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> I've set an alias in the aliases.conf file.
> But when I try to use it with isql on the server it tells me that the
> file (/opt/firebird/mydb.fdb) doesn't exists, while the alias points
> to /var/firebird/mydb.fdb
> The same counts for the employee.fdb example alias! When using it
> tells that /opt/firebird/employee.fdb doesn't exists.
> It just happens I'm in the /opt/firebird when starting isql (otherwise
> it tells that the database doesn't exists in the currect directory)
> When I use the full path to the databases then I'm capable to access
> them...
> The aliases.conf file has read access for all.
> Anybody an idea what might be wrong?

You need to use a TCP/IP connect string for connecting to a database via
an alias.

For example:


If your alias entry looks like:

mydb.fdb = /var/firebird/mydb.fdb


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