Subject Re: Firebird 1.5: Restoring problem
Author Tom
More info:

I now copied the fbk file from a linux to a windows machine and there
it restores fine... I've also copied from the windows machine to the
other linux machine and it restores fine...

Does this might have to do with how the files are copied to the
different machines? For the linux machines I've to use rsync, to copy
from windows to linux and back, I've to use WinSCP.


> Hi,
> I've a problem when trying to restore a backupped database. The backup
> works fine (simple -b switch). However, when I move this file to
> another pc and try to restore it (simple -c switch), at a certain
> moment, I get the message "Done with volume #1, "XX.fbk" Press return
> to reopen that file, or type a new name followed by return to open a
> different file." But it is backuped to a single file...
> Anybody an idea what I'm doing wrong?
> Thanks!