Subject Re: Firebird service on a network computer
Author Sasa Mihajlovic
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> Assuming Windows:
> Don't try to connect to a database that is on a share. Databases
> must be on the same physical machine as the Firebird server.

Ok, I have dir c:\data\sample.fdb and that directory is not shared
and ip address of this pc is and firebird 2.0.1 is

> Use the physical network node name (hostname) of the computer
> you can read in My Computer) and provide the physical path as seen
> the host machine. For example, if the hostname is SasasPC and the
> database is on the c: drive:
> SasasPC:c:\data\MyDatabase.fdb

I use IBExpert to connect my db and parameters are:
Server: Remote
Server name:
Protocol: TCP/IP
Server version: Firebird 2.0
Username: SYSDBA
Password: masterkey

> You will need a valid Firebird username and password for logging in.

When I install firebird on some another PC, all works fine, this is a
reason why I ws asked for some tip about network connection I made

Thanks Helen!