Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Store large amount of Binary Data in FB
Author Teträm Corp
yogiyang007 a écrit :
> I have already worked that out but I actually do not want to do that
> as my company's EDP manager does not want to share resources like
> storage medias (drives/folders/etc/etc) in our company's LAN.
> Anything more parctical would do please.
it was because I suggest a FTP or HTTP (even webdav, why not) access to
your files

the way we use is a pseudo ftp: we have got a service which control
licences, database integrity and more things.... and it give access to files
the client application retreive a doc id and send it to the service
which respond by sending the document

the only configuration is to open a new TCP port as we did with FB one

an other way I tested was a collection of UDF which gave access to
server files throw SQL request
fonctionnality was there but not performances. At least not as powerful
as our service but, i think, as storing documents as binary blobs
the advantage, there was no extra TCP port to open