Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB 1.5 -> FB 2.0
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Bert Hughes wrote:
> Is there is simple way to migrate a FB 1.5 to FB 2.0 database? The release
> notes & quick start guide offer no hints on how to do this, but reading the
> chapter on "Dealing with New Security Database" gives idea that you can take
> a backup of original DB, restore using FB 2 gbak to convert to new structure
> ???

FB 2.0 could read 1.5 databases, but not all new features will be
available, some new features depends on new ODS structure FB 1.5 uses
ODS 10.1 and FB 2.0 uses ODS 11 that has new capabilities.

The procedure you are talking about on the release notes is to convert
the security.fdb to security2.fdb and don't lost all the created users.

To take all the FB 2.0 potential, do a back-up/restore cycle.

> Or must you start w/ all new databases created from DDL scripts, populate
> via your favorite tools?

This is not necessary... This is almost what gbak will do on the restore
process... create a new database, create all metadata, populate the
tables with the data.

> Bert

see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
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