Subject RE: [firebird-support] attempted update of read-only column
Author Alan McDonald
> hi NG
> I switched from interbase to firebird.
> i use cbuilder to write my appl.
> i use ibdataset and set updatesql. modifysql,deletesql
> and refreshsql.
> in interbase ot works correct.
> now i installed direbird and i get messag "attempted update of read-
> only column".
> what do i have to do get rid of the error.
> cant i use ibdataset anymore?
> do i have to use ibquery with updatesql?
> Thanks for all help

check all the triggers associated with the tables in question.
You are likely trying to update a new.field with a value in an after
insert/update trigger.
This was previously allowed - it did nothing but it didn't raise an error.
Now it raises an error to tell you that you were always doing something